t e n - z a n

Full Name Ten-Zan
Birth Aug 1957
Birthplace InaCity Nagano Japan
Who is it? Composer. Arranger. Musician
A performance
musical instrumentEEE
Guitar. Chinese instrument with two strings. A horse-headed demon koto. Synthesizer.
major debut February 1, 2002 Columbia Music Entertainment.Inc

( T E N - Z A N ) .
I am a composer , a guitarist , a synthesizer performer, and ethnic musical instrument player.
When I stayed in China, I learnt about " The power of nature".
Since then, I have been making healing music that incorporater it.I'm particularly interested in ethnic instruments and have learnt how to play them by myself.
In some of my songs I have played and recored there wonderful instruments.
I participated in an event with children from a school for mentally retarded at the Nagano Paralympics in 1999.