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Ten-zan solo album


Trucks on the album

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The Wind Coloration / hometown story

2,500yen (tax-included)

1.The Continental Wind 2.The Wind Coloration 3.Pamils 4.Dance With Leaves 5./Wheat Field 6.The Starry Night 7.Pavane 8.Owls Forest 9.Human Memory 10.Furusato Story 11.Lovers In Winter 12./Cherry-blossoms Guardian
The wind that blew in this album, those days said "a letter of invitation from a hometown" revives.
A jacket: Holographic image: Setsuko Ishii
Obi comment: Ryosuke Takahashi
Sale date 2006 May 11, FATE - 1
Sales agency:FDI Ltd.


Goddess of GAEA

* 2,300yen (tax-included)

1.Pavane 2.Dance With Leaves 3.Wheat Field 4.Pamils 5.Hotaru 6.Owls Forest 7.The Starry Night 8.The Whispering Breeze 9.Furusato Story 10./Himawari(A Sunflower)
Drifting such as wheat aimed at the sound that became comfortable in Nature. Sale date 2005 November 1, TEN-7001

Sales agancy : Tenzan Studio Ltd.
S05 sale date November 1 TEN-7001
sales agency Tenzan Studio LTD


Forest of acorns

1.A march of acorns(Keita, handspike ) 2.water of God 3.I will return to houses ) 4.Water&Child  5.Amarch water of acorns(A karaoke)
he fourth all five pieces Amayama studio production private CD.

When a theme was small, courage and spirit shined in an idle river and way back, the setting sun where they played and got tired.

As for the music ( I will return to a house) of the memory that returned to a house via a footpath between rice fields of a rise field.

There was the CD which recalled the thing which anyone had at the time of boyhood.

Sale date 2003 February 9 TEN-2001
Sales agency Tenzan Studio LTD

Not ready


1.The god stays in the handsome youth. 2.It lives easily and it loves.
3. top of deodars 4. UFO poet 5.Crowd of empty Sheep 6.madder be.......It lives easily and it loves 7.Harp of water 8.With the seen day and lying down lying down the moon 9.Space in puddle 10. Sequin of the Milky Way 11. children in the moon 12. Star Festival.......It lives easily and it loves.e 13. Sound in mountain 14. a person of sky

Ten-Zan solo CD which it was released by Nippon Columbia, and Mr. Yu Aku produced.Various quarters give a favorable reception to me as healing music.I think that there are many various places where there is what I heard so that it is used by TV programs well.
2002 February 1, : COCQ-83585
Sales agency: Nippon Columbia ME.

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Westward Bound

1.Daybreak 2.Westword Bound 3.Parched Vally 4.Cherry Tree Tender's Spring 5.Cherry Tree Tender's Autum 6.Longing To Go Home 7.CherryBlossom Road 8.We're Losing Our World 9.Wind Blowing Through The Valley 10.Rising Dragon 11.Cherry Tree Tender's Winter
This work is CD that catches nature and the climate, etc. in Japan made from cooperation of everybody of Nagano Prefecture and Inadani as an image. The story starts from the river that flows in that when the light of the first grade of junior high-school muscle of the haze opens still in the morning at dark time and it begins, and the water flows while enriching surroundings.
1996 August 31, PCDZ-1496
Tenzan Studio LTD.
Manufactured by Toshiba EMI Co., Ltd

Not ready

Water&Child Concert


1. prologues 2. one drop water 3.which wants to return to hometowns 4.Water&Child
A participation musician:
Haussmann Orlando(Talking drum)
Yoshiko Kawabata (Flute.Keybord)
Takada Junpei (Drs)

With a design of outdoors concert performed at Tenryugawa of Nagano / Ina-shi and a junction of Mibu-river, I use a photograph slide of this district and a laser / fireworks and it is the large scale that expressed nature and is fantastic and is finished. I become the picture which expressed natural profundity, and it is a popular video to children
1996 December 1 , Tenzan Studio LTD.  

Photography / an editing Yazawa plan Ltd.


1.WaterCity.(4:39)  2.Start.(3:30)  3.LonlyWood.(4:23)  4.DangerLimited.(3:38)  5.FlashNight.(5:16)  6.DarkTrue.(3:23)  7.On clouds.(3:50)  8.Morninng.(1:56)  9.ChineseClash.(1:56) 10.A play of children.(4:37)  11.A girl of Cartago.(3:15)  12.ManiacMachine.(3:51)  13.MoonCamel.(4:02)  14.SlowBoat.(4:29)
This CD is a CD of the music copyright-free that I made for picture relations so far. Special permission and procedure, payment are unnecessary about use. 14 pieces of music that are most suitable for a movie and a drama, a documentary and a PR video, a commercial enters and have a favorable reception. I have you use it about a home video work at home. Because I am usable to every source not to mention the professional spot, please use it by all means.
Sale date1995 August 31, TEN-1001
Tenzan Studio LTD. 

Not ready

Special Ethnic Music / Meditation , Chinese physical exercise
Cassette TapeTenzan-Hiyukou
Music I collect "mind" by breathing, and to use it in a body
Cassette Tape
[Renkou 18 routines]

1.Renkou18 routines/ Side A (11:52)
2.Renkou18 routines/Side B (12:02)
"Renkou" is similar to Tai Chi. This Chinese physical exercise has 18 routines to improve health.

This music is used when performers practise the Renkou 18 routines.
Release date 1992 May 1
Manufactured by Tenzan Studio LTD.(Tokyo)


Side A
rm wax

Side B
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Ten-Zan entry(CompilationCD)



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[AOSORA The sky blue in mind]

2005 September 7

agency:Nippon crown Ltd.

This is the third healing compilation CD from the "AOSORA" series.

Ten-Zan wrote ,produced and arranged the songs "Pavan" and "Dance with Leavs".

* Yuki Kuramoto * Yasuko Agawa* Shigeru Amano & Satoko Koda * etc.

Not ready

[AOSORA〜forever deeply the blue sky〜]
2,500yen (tax-included)
2004 September 15
agency:Nippon Crown Ltd.

This is the first healing compilation CD from the "AOSORA" series.

Ten-zan wrote and produced the songs " The continental Wind" and " Lovers In Winter ".

Ten-Zan participates by "Continental wind" and "Lovers of winter".

Not ready

encore 」

2,300yen (tax-included)
July 2, 2003

Nippon Columbia ME.

This is the fourth healing compilation CD from the "FURUSATO" series.
Ten-Zan wrote and produced the song " On top of a ceder tree mountain".

Another composer
" kitaro "


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reborn 」

*2,100 yen(tax-included
2002 Sep. 28 
Nippon Columbia ME.

This is the third healing compilation CD from the "FURUSATO" series.

Ten-Zan wrote and produced the song "On top of a ceder tree mountain".

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2,100yen (tax-included) 
2002 March 30,
Nippon Columbia ME.

This is the second healing compilation CD from the "FURUSATO" series. Ten-Zan wrote and produced the song "The god stays in the handsome youth".

Another composer

" IsaoTomita "
" RyuichiSakamoto "

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2,100yen (tax-included) 2001 September 28

Nippon Columbia ME.

This the first healing compilation CD from the "FURUSATO" series.

Ten-Zan wrote and produced the song "It lives gently and love".

Another composer
" RyuchiiSakamoto " " AkikoYano " " LeeOskar "

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